Amati Jewelry created BetterBax because:

  • We want your earrings to look and feel great, no matter what style of earrings you choose to wear. We believe in freedom of expression!
  • You shouldn’t have to risk damaging your ears from wearing heavy earrings. BetterBax prevents piercings from elongating.
  • Women whose piercings have stretched shouldn’t have to suffer with drooping earrings. BetterBax prevents earrings from sagging, giving you lots of new style options.

Our patent-pending “instant lift” design isn’t the only thing that sets us apart from the competition. BetterBax are made to keep your earrings secure with tight springs that maintain a strong hold on your earring posts longer than any other earring backs on the market. And our earring backs are 100% hypoallergenic, designed for everyday use, and have a finish that’s made to last. With BetterBax you’ll be able to wear your earrings with comfort and confidence!