Replace your earring backs with BetterBax for a Better Look, Feel & Fit!

Instant Lift Earring Backs

Ideal For:

  • Heavy Earrings and Hanging Earrings
  • Elongated Piercings
  • Preventing Piercings from Elongating
  • Anyone Tired of Struggling with Small Earring Backs
  • People with Skin Allergies or Sensitive Skin
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Position BetterBax with heart facing upward.

Slide BetterBax onto the earring post.

Wear your earrings with comfort & confidence.

Gauge Chart

Because earring posts vary in thickness from 18 to 24 gauge, no single size earring back will properly fit all seven sizes of earrings.

  • Earrings come in various thicknesses (gauges), from very thin to fairly thick.
  • Standard sizes of earrings are between 18 – 24 gauge.
  • Because the difference in thickness between any two sizes is quite small, earring backs will usually secure not only the earring post size with the snuggest fit, but also the next 2 – 3 thinner sizes, as well.
  • If you wear earring backs that are more than 2 -3 sizes thinner than your earring post size, you will not have a proper fit and could be at risk of losing your earrings.

Although some companies advertise that their earring backs will “fit any size earring post,” this claim is misleading, since there is no one size earring back that can properly fit all sizes of earrings.



Be very wary of any company that claims that their earring backs are “adjustable to fit any size earring post” because:

  • While some adjustments can be made to earring backs, they are intended to be made by bench jewelers, not consumers. Improper adjustments can easily damage your backs.
  • NO ADJUSTMENT will make any ONE size of earring backs properly fit ALL sizes of earrings.
  • If you wear a variety of different size earrings with one-size-fits-all backs, then whenever you have those backs adjusted to fit some earrings better, they will no longer properly fit your other earrings.

Designed for Every Day Use and Active Lifestyles

Titanium-coated, stainless steel BetterBax are extremely corrosion resistant, so they can be worn all day, every day, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Sweat, skin creams, moisturizers, sun tan lotion and hair spray pose no problems for BetterBax, so you can wear them whether you're at the gym, swimming in a pool, sun tanning at the beach, running a marathon, or enjoying a night out on the town.

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No Maintenance Needed

Unlike Sterling Silver Earring Backs, Titanium-Coated Stainless Steel BetterBax:

  • Will NOT Tarnish
  • Will NOT Change Color
  • Will Not react to sweat, moisturizers, skin creams make-up, or hair spray
  • Do NOT require regular polishing
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Feature Comparison Chart

Levears™ MagicBax™ BetterBax™
Made from Nickel-free Sterling Silver Sterling Silver Titanium-Coated Surgical Stainless Steel
Is it an optimal material for friction earring backs? NO NO YES
Is material hypoallergenic? YES Not for people who are sensitive to Nickel. YES
Will the gold plating last for a very long time, if worn frequently? No, it's only a thin layer No, it's only a thin layer YES, because our backs are not gold plated so the gold color won't easily wear off. BetterBax finish has a lifetime warranty.
Does the product come in two sizes to ensure a proper fit for all size earring backs? NO NO YES
Will the product tarnish? WILL Tarnish WILL Tarnish WILL NOT Tarnish
Will the product change color? WILL Change Color WILL Change Color WILL NOT Change Color
Will react to air, moisture, sweat, etc.? WILL react to air, moisture, sweat, etc. WILL react to air, moisture, sweat, etc. WILL NOT react to air, moisture, sweat, etc.
Is the product made in the USA? YES NO, Made in China YES
Warranty? 30-Day Unlimited Warranty 30-Day Unlimited Warranty 30-Day Unlimited Warranty + LIFETIME Warranty on the finish.
Lowest available price (per pair) $49.99/pair (free shipping and handling)* $39.99 + $6.99 (shipping & handling) for four pairs = $46.98 = $11.75/pair $39.99 + $6.99 (shipping & handling) for four pairs = $46.98 = $11.75/pair
*Levears sells a lower priced version made from very thin gauge, unfinished stainless steel that isn't the best suited grade for earring backs. Their stainless steel version is very low quality and more of a wear-a-few-times-and-throw-away type of product than a product that is made to last. As such, Levear’s stainless steel version was not included in the comparison chart.
Levears™ and MagicBax™ are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with BetterBax™.

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Better by Design

Stainless Steel vs. Precious Metals

The type of metal earring backs are made from has a major impact of how well they perform and how long they last. Earring backs made from precious metals will not function as well or last as long as properly designed stainless steel earring backs.

Superior Results

There are several different ways that earring backs can be made. Although more costly, BetterBax production techniques yields superior results.

Design & Shape

The design and shape of an earring back’s spring affects how well it works. Unfortunately, the majority of earring backs on the market have poorly designed springs. In order to provide the most effective earring backs available, BetterBax springs are engineered to provide a stronger hold for a longer period of time than other earring backs.

Gauge of Metal

If the gauge of metal used for earring backs is too thick, the earring backs won’t have the proper amount of spring. If the gauge is too thin, the earring backs won’t be of good quality. BetterBax earring backs are made from the optimum gauge of metal to produce the best performing, longest lasting earring backs available.

Titanium Coating

While stainless steel is known to be hypoallergenic, titanium is considered to be one of the most biocompatible metals on Earth. That’s why it is the most commonly used metal for implants. Titanium is also extremely durable and scratch-resistant, making it the ideal coating for BetterBax stainless steel earring backs. And unlike earring backs with gold plating, BetterBax titanium finish will last for the lifetime of the product.